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Photos from Recent Trips

Tehran Carpet Museum

Replica of 2,500 year old carpet --the oldest ever found

Carpet with images of an ancient past


Shah Abbas

Pol-e Tabiat in Northern Tehran


Nora Barker, Paul Barker, Loretta Dolley and Maureen Kelly on the 3 layer pedestrian bridge in northern Tehran, Pol-e Tabiat

Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

Traditional upper class house in Gilan


Traditional middle class house

Traditional Gilan house with thatched roof extending lower on the west side from which  prevailing wind and rains come 


A mountain village where every roof is a neighbor's front yard








Mr Akhvaran in his pottery shop, With Phil Price and Paul Barker

He was an English language student of Mr. Miller in Fuman from 1969-71


Photos from 2019 trip to Iran

Photos from trip to Iran 22 February through 14 March 2019 submitted by Paul Barker.