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What we Do

Peace Corps Iran Association (PCIA) is an organization of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Iran between 1962 and 1976, as well as Peace Corps Iran staff, trainers, family members, and all who are interested in the legacy of Peace Corps Iran. The values of Peace Corps turn on the premise that peace is not accomplished through force but through tolerance, understanding, and diplomacy. We at PCIA seek to extend these values to achieve peaceful solutions to the challenging relationship between Iran and the United States. We seek partners with similar values and missions, and we support our members in outreach.

PCIA’s activities fall in to two broad programs. The first is "LEGACY", which entails researching, preserving, and disseminating the history of Peace Corps in Iran. The history of Peace Corps in Iran and the experiences of the people who served there are the foundation for activities under our "IMPACT" program. IMPACT stands for outreach that shares appreciation of Iranian culture and people and brings forward the situation of Iran and its people in ways that direct our nation toward non-violent, humane policy and legislation. This outreach has two discrete component: Advocacy is concerned with relations between the US and Iran, particularly in the national political arena. That said, as a non-profit organization (401(c)(3) PCIA does not engage in lobbying. The second 'wing' of IMPACT is Civic Engagement -- activities conducted at the local level to expand knowledge about Iran.

For more about our programs - LEGACY and the two prongs of IMPACT: Advocacy and Civic Engagement  -- check out the specific tabs. We also publish three newsletters -- the KhabarNameh (three issues yearly). From the Field  (a monthly report on Board and member activities), and the Advocacy Bulletin  (political updates, published monthly).  Finally,, learn about our biennial conferences, which are open to all and draw nationwide attendance.











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