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About Iran

A Thousand Years of the Persian Book

The Library of Congress special exhibition, "A Thousand Years of the Persian Book," opened in March 2014 and ended in September 2014. Hirad Dinavari gives a guided tour showcasing the most exquisite Persian manuscripts, lithographs, early imprints and modern printed works in the Library's collections. Speaker Biography: Hirad Dinavari is Iranian world reference specialist in the Library's African and Middle Eastern Division and a co-curator of the exhibition, "A Thousand Years of the Persian Book."

That is the introduction to a series of YouTube lectures about the history of the Persian book.

Download a document describing the series of lectures and their related YouTube links by clicking HERE.



The story of "blue"

Of all the colors on a painter’s palette, the most elusive have been blues.

Learn about the history of “blue” from Egypt to Afghanistan to China to Europe.  Of course, Iran is in the middle. To read this article in the Aramco World magazine, click HERE.