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Video Stories

Two-Minute Videos

Ernie Zaremba has collected and published short video clips in which Peace Corps Volunteers tell their stories.  They represent volunteers from all countries.  Posted on YouTube as part of his Peace Corps Family Album project, we have created quick links to several featuring Iran volunteers.  Zaremba collected stories at NPCA Gatherings in Minneapolis and Boston.

Part 1 storytellers are Cindy Annchild, Geraldine Gillio, John Krauskopf, Doug Meyer, Doug Schermer, Robert Spitz,  and Andy Starkis.

Part 2 storyteller is Dave Devine. 

Part 3 storytellers are Larry Henke and Jackie Spurlock.

Part 4 storytellers are Steven Gottlieb, Lynn Russell, George Reid, Mostafa Rahbar, Tom Huf, and Kendall Dudley.

Part 5 storytellers are Daniel Calegari, John Salamack, Genna Stead Wangsness, and Jeanette Grayson Gottlieb.

Part 6 storytellers are Carolyn Yale, Bob Horsburgh, Dave Martin, Mary Marks, Dorothy McCulloch, and Dave Pritchard.

Part 1

Part 5

Part 2

Part 6

Part 3

Part 4