Iran Conference Advocacy Project: Tactics For Taking Individual and Collaborative Action


Frustrated by what’s happening between Iran and the US? Wondering what you can do individually and collectively? Come strategize together using the experiences of recent social activists in ministry, the arts, health care, education and public life

Using the wall as metaphor and reality (think Berlin Wall, US-Mexico border wall, mental barriers, etc.) we will construct a wall of our own using cardboard bricks as we discuss the reasons for “the wall” between Iran and the US. We’ll adapt the work of other activists to fit our own purposes as we consider ways to dismantle that wall. Our goal is to develop actionable guidelines for RPCVs wanting to design social action projects in their own communities and on social media.

Kendall Dudley, Iran ’69, is a life design consultant, writing teacher and artist who has had many grants for public art events focusing on issues of war and peace in the Middle East. 

“The Delightful Wall”) (1988) by Wasja Götze