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At a plenary session of the Peace Corps Iran Association conference in Annapolis (October 2017) there was wide interest in publicly supporting the Nuclear Agreement. In response, members of the PCIA Advocacy Committee prepared a resolution that was then reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. The resolution received overwhelming support when presented to the conference participants as a whole. This resolution conveys to Congressional representatives, other leaders, and the American public our strong commitment to diplomacy, international cooperation, and peaceful resolution of conflict.


We thank the members of the PCIA Advocacy Committee for their work on the resolution.  PCIA depends on motivated volunteers. The only requirement in joining the Advocacy Committee is commitment to Peace Corps values and willingness to put these values to good use.


To read the full text of the resolution click HERE.


For more information contact PCIA president, Carolyn Yale or Advocacy Committee Chair, Kathleen MacLeod.