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About Peace Corps Iran Association

Peace Corps Iran Association (PCIA) membership comprises volunteers and staff who served in Iran,  Americans and Iranians who seek peace and understanding, and all who support the mission of PCIA. We engage in education, outreach and advocacy through reunions, conferences, and other opportunities for members to share their experiences with others. Given that Peace Corps service in Iran ended prior to the Iranian Revolution, preserving the Peace Corps legacy in oral and written histories is a priority. To augment its resources, PCIA is interested in partnering with other organizations on specific outreach and advocacy projects. Our website [] and newsletters are directed to both our members and the public.

PCIA advocates for peaceful relations with Iran, starting with the initiative and vision of individual citizens. In keeping with the vision outlined by President Kennedy in 1961 to “bring the world home,” we believe our experiences and appreciation of Iran will make a positive contribution to the ongoing debates about US policy with regard to Iran and promote a deeper understanding of this important ancient and contemporary culture. This is our way of interpreting the Third Goal of Peace Corps to “help Americans understand the people and cultures of other countries". Peace Corps volunteers served in Iran from 1962 to 1976. During this time 1,748 Americans were volunteers and 365 Iranians and Americans were staff members. The Peace Corps Iran Association was incorporated in the State of Oregon in 2012, buoyed by the enormous success of a conference-reunion of Iran volunteers in Portland the previous summer. Today, PCIA has over 750 members. Many others receive our newsletters and participate in PCIA conferences and on social media.

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