Peace Corps Story Telling: A Spoken Word Workshop

Meleia Egger

Iran RPCVs have some of the most compelling, funny, and moving stories from one of the most fascinating and poorly understood places on earth. However, RPCVs sometimes feel overwhelmed when sharing their stories from service. Learn how to find, craft, and tell your story in a way that transports and entertains your audience. In this interactive session, RPCVs will come away with one well-honed story and the tools to work on more! Your narratives can humanize Iran, and make your stories personal and memorable.

 Egger, Meleia

Meleia Egger works in Washington, D.C., as the Peace Corps Third Goal Program Specialist / Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Group Liaison. In this role, she coordinates Peace Corps Week, and develops and supports Third Goal trainings, initiatives, and contests. Peace Corps has benefitted from her skills as a performance poet, storyteller, and writer. She is the author of the recently adopted Peace Corps Pledge. She also works with RPCV groups as their point of contact and resource inside the agency for their Third Goal efforts. Meleia served in Peace Corps Malawi as a biology teacher from 2007-2009. She originally hails from Madison, Wisconsin.