Maximizing the Opening with Iran, a report prepared by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), addresses specific dimensions of the U.S.–Iran relationship and how U.S. national interests can be advanced through concrete short and long-term measures. Recognizing that the Middle East cannot be stabilized without Iran’s involvement, that “Iran will be part of the regional solution—or there won’t be a solution,” the NIAC Report acknowledges that the United States and Iran may not become the best of friends any time soon, but they no longer need to be the worst of enemies. With the JCPOA (the so-called nuclear agreement) intact and high-level channels of bilateral communication online, the Report acknowledges that relations between the United States and Iran have reached their highest point in thirty-seven years. The Report suggests that, although problems still persist, “It is firmly in the national interest of the United States to …[c]ontinue the process of transforming the U.S.–Iran relations in such a way that shifts relations over time, reduces tensions and enables the two countries to collaborate where their interests coincide.” That sentiment echoes the PCIA advocacy position on improving Iran–American relations through diplomacy and collaboration.

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