As a very concerned Iran RPCV,  I am forwarding to you the most recent summary by The Iran Project about the Consequences of President Trump decertifying the Iran Nuclear Deal.  With reports about the President’s tendency to speak out about the agreement – commonly referred to as the JCPOA – as being a “bad deal” and categorizing Iran as indistinguishable from North Korea, I can think of no other issue in the 38 years since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that we as Iran RPCVs should speak out about. If there was ever a time for us to write, call, and set up meetings with our Senators and Congressional Representatives, it is now and on this issue.  The alternative to monitoring Iran’s compliance and opening constructive dialogue and more diplomacy is a downward spiral of sanctions and more weapons sold to Saudi Arabia by American arms corporations ” to counter Iran’s growing influence”.


The Iran Project is a non-profit think tank in New York City whose members are senior former diplomats and security experts who have as their primary mission to speak and advocate for diplomatic and peaceful relations with Iran.  They co-sponsor many informational events with the Atlantic Council’s Iran Initiative to educate Americans and others about current issues including the JCPOA.  There are few organizations more expert on things Iranian.  They are the RPCV’s of the State Department exercising their own Third Goal.


Please consider taking the time to reach out to your neighbors, Senators, and Congressmen to educate them about the real Iran you know and with which we should be encouraging dialogue to support Iranian moderates, not rattling swords and emboldening the Trumps of Iran.

You can read the Iran Project posting by clicking here.