Editor Paul Barker’s notes:

This edition is coming out on Yalda, the ancient Persian commemoration of the longest night of the year.  The ceremonies and traditions of gift-giving and generosity associated with Yalda give hope for new beginnings as the darkness shrinks and light fills ever longer days.  Some argue that the Three Wise Men were Zoroastrians who were following in this tradition.   An article in this issue lists four charities through which PCIA members can donate to the Kermanshah earthquake relief efforts.  If you would like to work on this on behalf of PCIA with the licensed charities please contact  May the spirit of Yalda be with us in the coming year.

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This issue includes:

Urgency: Trump and Netanyahu Iran Policies Are Dangerous
By Jeffrey Gritzner

JCPOA Advocacy with  Congressman Don Beyer
by Brad Hanson

Trump Refuses to Certify Iranian Compliance with JCPOA;

Congress (Thankfully) Does Nothing

Notes from Conference Call with Kate Gould from FCNL

Kermanshah Earthquake Relief

On November 12 a magnitude 7.3 earthquake devastated cities and villages near Kermanshah.  An estimated 630 people were killed, making this the most deadly earthquake in the world during 2017.

Diplomacy Works Weekly JCPOA Updates

Every Friday Diplomacy Works, a partner of PCIA on JCPOA work, sends a weekly digest (usually out on Fridays) summarizing key original articles in other reputable news media relating to the status of the JCPOA, particularly U.S. executive and legislative actions which might imperil the agreement.  The DW digest also fact checks statements by Trump Administration officials and others related to the JCPOA.